Pogliaghi Italcorse NoD346
PSM #D346 ~ 59.5cm c-c ~ 58.5cm TT ~ Columbus Tubing ~ Campagnolo Dropouts ~ Diamond/Heart cutouts ~ Double Diamond Forks ~ weight @ 5.5 lbs

This Pogliaghi Italcorse slots in somewhere in the early-mid 70s back when Sante Pogliaghi was still in his small shop in Milan, Italy. I have been on the hunt for a Sante era Pog in my size for quite a while, finally finding this sample in the Pacific Northwest.  For the longest time, I had thought this frame #9346 but have come to believe the first engraving is a D and not a 9.  This would make the frame 10346.

As sometimes typical for many favorite frames, the owners would simply upgrade the bike with braze-ons and a repaint to move to more modern components, this with little pause. While I don't like repaints or braze-on additions, this was literally the first Pog this early I have seen in my size. But below this, lies the same excellent, hand-crafted frame that many revere. The lug work is actually quite compelling with both the heart and characteristic diamond cutouts you see on Sante's Pogliaghis. Some of the lugs are very nicely done, perhaps a step up from some other samples. I have been mulling over returning this to original form, losing the new braze-ons although there is a good chance it just stays a rider as is.

Dating an early Pogliaghi is always a circumspect affair as the Classic Rendezvous Pogliaghi Serial Numbers page does not have some of the dates pinned down. Based on discussions with the previous owner, I'm putting this frame somewhere from around the early-mid 70s, although the transfers are a little later date. I am hoping to bring this bike to the road with a NR Campagnolo, Cinelli, Unicanitor, Fiamme build. It's been hanging on a wall for the last 25 years and needs the pedals turned - kh


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