2001 Cinelli Supercorsa

2001 Cinelli Supercorsa
Blu China ~ Columbus Neuron - 62cm (61cm C-C)

Thoughts on the Giovanni Losa Option

When will this beast see the road? While not having the cache of a pre-80s Cinelli, or even an 80s one for that matter, this Giovanni Losa made Supercorsa still retains some of the original spirit. And it was not pumped out of a Chinese warehouse. Still, I've come near selling it several times after my wife rolled eyes at the fact that it seemed to get more time on the guest bed than said guests. I've managed to resist the sale bug till now, although several intriguing vintage rides have come close to causing stir. I would feel like a swine if we parted ways without ever rolling outside my abode.

So it's the next two-wheeled goal although struggling with the build decision... My soul belongs to Nuovo & Super Record for its elegant, functional, simplicity. I still regard this era of Campagnolo as #1 in vintage aesthetics, if not ultimate performance. I personally enjoy friction shifting and don't mind subpar braking capability. Still, while this frame borrows from the SuperCorsa's of old, it's obviously NOT. One only has to glance at the Columbus Neuron sticker or take in the hidden rear brake cable (not to mention the period X rear brake bridge). Also, there is no doubt that the geometry is quite different, being more aggressive than early SC samples. Truth be told, I actually bought this damn beast as my nod to modern ERGO shifting with 130 rear spacing, this wrapped in a steel frame, albeit Neuron.

IT's looking like period Chorus makes the most sense as an option, almost as good as comparable Record minus the Ti aspect. This is really probably the end move but moving to brifters and all-that-follows just seems gulf I cant seem to cross. Of course, there is no arguing the performance advantage to more vintage offerings. While I'm mulling it all over, I've chipped this damn Blu China fork already, the main problem with these late model Cinellis (Or any Cinelli for that matter. At the least, the fork is total chrome and one could return to that with some effort).

While some scoff at the modern, Columbus era and beyond Cinelli, this based on hearsay and paint, I've yet to read a bad review by anyone that RIDES one, many stating it's their favorite ride. Giovanni Losa was no slouch, either. We'll see... Any ideas or thoughts appreciated.

UPDATE: Please send help ~ now considering an 01 De Rosa Merak in ALU...



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